How to light a contemporary wooden statue

Lighting that gives movement to the statue

A statue in the shadow

Passing through a house in Lokeren during a September 2017 day in Flanders, an extinct statue in a corner needed to be highlighted


The choice of luminaire MANO:

To give movement to the statue and highlight it, the MANO luminaire was chosen to give light from below. This luminaire offers a warm light at 3000K ° with LEDs.


Reference  : 180116-AG-F or 180116-WB-F

300 g       (L x l x h) :52 x 7x 5 cm

Color :  Alu/Gold or White / White 

Material: Aluminium and wood

Luminaire is connected to a wall socket 2pin eu

Light source: Led

Energy label:  : A++

230 Volts AC  1600 lumen   12 watts   3000°K  IP54

Course of the experiment:

The statue is on a piece of furniture 50 cm high.


The wooden statue is 1.2m high, 30cm wide and 20c deep. And we have an ecru white textured paint paper on the wall.


The MANO luminaire is placed at the bottom where a setting on the distance with the statue has been made to give the most dramatic effect.


Result: A statue that begins to live

The statue that was extinguished in the corner takes volume and movement with this new lighting.


The light is discreet and participates in the development of this living room which is minimalist.


From a statue lost in a corner, with the placement at the foot of the MANO luminaire, we find a new form that sets in motion and live in the evening.


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