Lighting Tips

Lighting Tips · 15 May 2019
A lighting that makes you want to enter!

Lighting Tips · 13 May 2019
A lighting that animates and gives life to a wall

Lighting Tips · 12 May 2019
A soothing and relaxing lighting for a living room

Lighting Tips · 11 May 2019
Lighting that helps to wait

Lighting Tips · 10 May 2019
PIETRO, discreet and warm lighting to animate a corner of living room.

Lighting Tips · 09 May 2019
A warm lighting to the sun in a para-medical firm

Lighting Tips · 08 May 2019
Versatile lighting that reads or looks at the tablet in bed

Lighting Tips · 07 May 2019
Strong, pleasant and precise lighting for a long table in a dining room

Lighting Tips · 06 May 2019
Swivel lighting to give different moods and functions on a television sofa

Lighting Tips · 05 May 2019
Lighting that gives volume and security in a stairwell 5m high

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