How to make a light angle in a minimalist living room

A soothing and relaxing lighting for a living room

Choice of AGO luminaire:

Ago is an LED aluminum luminaire with a black steel foot. It diffuses an indirect and pleasant light or an intense light to read according to the angle. Luminaires to be placed on the floor or on a plane. 3 types of light possible: Cool white: dynamic, good for the morning / Ivory white: daylight / Warm white: relaxing, good for the evening.


Reference  : 130139-AB-T or  130139-WB-T

1500 g       (L x l x h) : 75 x30x 30 cm

Color :  Aluminium/Black or White&Black

Material: Aluminium and steel

Luminaire is connected to a wall socket 2pin eu

Light source: Led

Energy label:  : A++

230 Volts AC  1000, 1600 or 2050 lumen  18 watts   

3000°K, 4000°K or 5000°K   IP54

AGO sale on Nour.be

Result: harmony, sweetness and voluptuousness

AGO sale on Nour.be

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