Reading or watching a tablet in bed with the same light

Versatile lighting that reads or looks at the tablet in bed

Problem of light in bed

he problem is that it is difficult to find good lighting that does not dazzle and that gives a quantity and quality of light sufficient to read in bed.


And also, when one wants to consult pleasantly his tablet in bed, that one can have a pleasant warm warmth of atmosphere without the screen silk immersed in the light.

Choice of OBLICO luminaire :

Le luminaire LED OBLICO prend 6 positions différentes The OBLICO LED luminaire takes 6 different positions with 6 different ways of lighting: a direct light for reading and 5 other positions for 5 different indirect lights on the wall for a mood light.


Thus, it is possible, depending on the rotation of the luminaire, read in bed or have a mood light to consult his tablet or for other activities ...


Reference  : 180216-AG-F  

300 g       (L x l x h) : 149 x 25x 825 cm

Color :  Aluminium&Gold 

Material: Aluminium and Wood

Luminaire is connected to a wall socket 2pin eu

Light source: Led

Energy label:  : A++

230 Volts AC  3200 lumen   24 watts   3000°K  IP54

OBLICO sale on Nour.be
OBLICO sale on Nour.be

Result: A pleasant and versatile luminaire

By placing the OBLICO luminaire on the wall, between my bed and my bedside table, the lamp takes up little space, fits very well in my room. And I can easily change the type of lighting by being in my bed.

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