How to read or see TV with the same luminaire

Swivel lighting to give different moods and functions on a television sofa

Not possible to read or watch TV with the same luminaire

In my old apartment, to watch TV, there is a problem: either there was too much light from the main chandelier or it was too dark.


And I have a lighting problem to read in my sofa.

Choice of OBLICO luminaire:

The choice of OBLICO is made thanks to its 6 different positions with 6 ways to illuminate different: a direct light to read and 5 other positions for 5 different indirect lights on the wall for a mood light.


Reference  : 180216-AG-F 

300 g       (L x l x h) : 149 x 25x 825 cm

Color :  Aluminium&Gold 

Material: Aluminium and Wood

Luminaire is connected to a wall socket 2pin eu

Light source: Led

Energy label:  : A++

230 Volts AC  3200 lumen   24 watts   3000°K  IP54



So when I want to read or do precision work, I turn the light to have the maximum light flow to me.


And when I watch TV, I turn the light so that the luminous flux is on the wall and I have an ideal mood light to watch television.


After several tests in different parts of the show, the OBLICO luminaire was put on the chair near the radiator.

OBLICO sale on Nour.be
OBLICO sale on Nour.be

Result: Versatile lighting ideal for a living room

So by turning the OBLICO luminaire, I can go from a well lit reading to an ideal mood light to see the television.

OBLICO sale on Nour.be

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