How to light a reception room in a basement

A problem of electrical arrival

Electrician from the Walloon Parliament asked us to have wall lights that illuminate a stone wall. But this room has no electrical outlet to the wall., It has only plugs to the ground.


Choice of SURPRESA Doppio luminaire:

SURPRESA Doppio is chosen, because it allows to install a wall lamp without the need of an electric arrival on the wall. This fixture needs a socket at the foot of the wall and it gives the same effect as a wall lamp.


Reference  : 140256-WB-F 

2500 g       (L x l x h) : 105x 14x 13 cm

Color :   White&Black 

Material: Aluminium and steel

Luminaire is connected to a wall socket 2pin eu

Light source: Led

Energy label:  : A++

230 Volts AC  6400 lumen   46 watts   3000°K  IP54

Result: a lighting that animates the walls and invites to make relations

SURPRESA sale on Nour.be

 SURPRESA luminaire makes the stone wall vibrate and invites to the relationship and the exchange.

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